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Welcome to StrangeBrew brewing software, a powerful and easy to use recipe database for all types of homebrewer.

Note: StrangeBrew for Windows is no longer in active development, but I'm still supporting it. Please contact me with any questions. Current users can still get a free key if they need to re-install the software on a new machine. Meanwhile, I've been working on a new on-line version of StrangeBrew, please check it out.

StrangeBrew 1.8 is now ready for download! Check Downloads and Readme.

StrangeBrew 1.7 was reviewed in the Jan/Feb 2003 issue of Zymurgy magazine, and is generating a great response! Many thanks to those who are helping spread the word about StrangeBrew.

There's a new on-line StrangeBrew recipe database. You need to register (free) to upload recipes, but anyone can browse and download recipes.

Here's what you'll find at this site:

  • The Download section has instructions for downloading and installing the software. 
  • Visit the StrangeBrew Forum to get general technical support or to discuss brewing in general.
  • Have a look at the Bug Reports and Enhancements pages to see a list of current bugs and enhancements. If you've found a bug that's not on the list, send it in.

Running a competition? Why not give StrangeBrew as a prize? Contact me for details on obtaining a donated copy of StrangeBrew for homebrew competitions. There is a list of clubs that have used StrangeBrew as a prize on the Links page.

Want to re-distribute StrangeBrew on disk? Contact me for details on distributing StrangeBrew demos on disk or CD at your homebrew shop or club.

Cost: StrangeBrew is available as shareware/freeware with a limited trial period (30 days).  After the 30 day trial, some features are disabled. If you like StrangeBrew and want to use all the features beyond the trial, there's a $15 registration fee.  Registration gets you technical support, future versions, and a warm fuzzy feeling inside.  See the licence.txt file or help file that is installed with StrangeBrew for details on sending me some cash.

PayPal: when paying by PayPal, please put your StrangeBrew software license number in the License Number box. It can take up to 48 hours to receive your registration key, as it is a manual process. If you have not heard from me after 48 hours, please send me a follow-up email. International customers: see PayPal's International exchange policy.


Purchase now! Enter your StrangeBrew license number (from the Help > Register screen) and click the button. My PayPal payment address is "andrew avis" at hotmail.

License Number:


Please note: StrangeBrew contains bugs. Luckily, there are workarounds for most of them.

Many brewing calculations are open source - you can read all calculation details in the help file, or contact me about downloading the C++ code for all beer and water calculations.

  Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

What's new?

04-10-11: Web site back up. I've been neglecting SB for a while.

20-04-06: StrangeBrew Java Beta version released!

24-06-04: StrangeBrew 1.8 released!

05-04-04: I've created an updated version of the strangebrew17.xsl stylesheet that works with Mozilla, Netscape, and other xml-enabled browsers..

10-02-03: There's a new on-line StrangeBrew recipe database. You need to register (free) to upload recipes, but anyone can browse and download recipes.

17-11-02: Integrated the StrangeBrew Tour and Features pages, and added new screenshots.

09-11-02: Discussions back on-line!

04-10-02: Having problems with your download being corrupted? Try the mirror site link on the download page.

29-09-02: Back online after computer problems! Sorry if I've missed your email. I've just posted my article on SWIG from the Oct BYO - it includes extra sections not in the print version.

26-08-02: First confirmed user of StrangeBrew on a Mac (using Virtual PC). Thanks Tom!

06-08-02: Added a reviews page to capture the comments happy users keep sending me.

13-05-02: Check out photos from the Big StrangBrew event, Ottawa's Big Brew site.

25-04-02: StrangeBrew 1.7 Released!

18-03-02: new look and feel in the Support Forum.


Last update: 07-Oct-2011